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Tailored security solutions for government, commercial and residential


Licensed, qualified and experienced, we are the partner of choice if you are considering an upgrade or a new Security System. Offering Access Control, Alarm, Intercom and CCTV, we can assist you in design and implementation. Offering fully integrated solutions, we provide end users with effective, robust and reliable security solutions with modern interfaces and control. 

See our Category Pages for more information on:
Access Control, Alarm Systems, Intercom Systems and CCTV.


Ontec specializes in Access Control Systems and we offer industry leading, reliable and simple to use systems. Our systems can have remote access for simple remote management and App access. Whether is be one door or a multi camps system, contact us for more information.

As an intercom system expert, we have upgraded hundreds of apartments and building intercom systems.  As a supplier to multiple body corporates, we supply new intercom systems and service faulty systems on a daily basis.

Providing everything from residential alarm systems through to sophisticated, integrated security systems incorporating access control and duress, we are well equipped to design and install your intrusion solution. 

From smaller residential and small business requirements through to Video Management Solutions across multiple sites, ANPR and AI detection, we have you covered. Our ability to provide the networking infrastructure ensures you only need one partner for a complete solution.



As a true integrator, we provide our customers with a complete solution, integrating their network and security components into one seamless security solution. Whether it be residential customers wanting simple to use and effective app control or government and commercial clients with assets and people to protect, we have you covered. We are meticulous with our planning and implementation as security can't be taken for granted. See our category pages on Alarm Systems, Access Control, Intercom Systems and CCTV to learn more or contact us today for a no obligation chat.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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