PA Systems

As an industry renowned expert, Ontec Solutions has years of experience in design, installation and maintenance of PA Systems. Our key markets include transportation, shopping centres, schools and factories. We offer solutions ranging from simple stand alone systems through to cutting edge PA Systems using audio over IP. We frequently assist electricians with product and advice and can provide anything from simple troubleshooting through to major upgrades.





Typical services include:

  • Fault finding 

  • Upgrades of amplifiers, speakers and microphones

  • New design and installation projects

  • Identifying and fixing PA circuit faults such as shorts and opens

  • Adjustment of systems including DSPs for improved performance

  • Modifications or extensions to existing systems

  • Extending PA systems to reach remote locations 

  • Rectification of poorly installed systems


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Brands we deal with include:

  • Australian Monitor

  • Barix

  • Bosch

  • Inkel

  • InterM

  • JDM

  • Ohlson

  • Paramus

  • Prime

  • Quest

  • Redback

  • Scorpion

  • TOA

And many more. Ontec are happy to assist with any existing PA system.





Ontec Solutions is an authorised Bosch distributor and we are certified in Bosch Praesideo. Praesideo is a certified life safety evacuation system that can integrate in with existing fire panels and systems. WIth flexible network architecture over fibre, it lends well to environments requiring multiple zones separated by distance. 

Bosch Praesideo


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Bosch Praesideo
Praesideo Call Staion

School PA

We service, install and maintain school PA Systems on a daily basis. Technicians hold WWC accreditation and we have a complete understanding of school requirements and older systems that require troubleshooting or upgrades. 


Our solutions (see Bell Master) include lockdown, scheduled school bells and music, evacuation and other customised school functions.

Our qualified, experienced technicians can assist with any PA requirement. 

Whether it be upgrades or any routine problem, give us a call, we'd be happy to help.

School PA

Bell Master

Bell Master

Designed and developed by Ontec Solutions, Bell Master was created to allow schools and other facilities such as libraries and factories to have a simple to use Bell Scheduling system incorporating Lockdown, Evacuation, Bells and Pre-Bell Music. 

Bell Master has unlimited events, is simple to use and comes pre-loaded on a tablet that connects directly to your amplifier. Users can upload new tones or music by connecting to a PC and can change event times, durations or music.

Replace your old, clunky timer system and bell generator with one simple to use tablet based system. 

Digital and IP Solutions

With extensive experience is high end DSP, digital and IP Audio deployment, we can provide you with a range of cutting edge options that will run over fibre networks, LAN networks or across wireless links. 


Systems include Bosch Praesideo and a range of Barix Audio over IP solutions.

Facilities with existing network infrastructure can take advantage of our IP solutions and save costs and increase flexibility in deployment. Zoning and messaging to nodes becomes simple and effective.

Contact us today for obligation free advice.


Portable and Wireless PA Systems

Portable PA

We offer a vast range of portable PA and wireless options. From small presentation applications through to outdoor venue coverage we have something to suit. Contact us for information on wireless hand held, headband or lapel microphones and a range of rechargeable, portable amplifiers. Brands include Mipro, Chiayo, Okayo and Shure. 

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