Alarm Systems

Licenced, trained and qualified security installation professionals, Ontec Solutions can provide you with advice, design, installation or maintenance on domestic or commercial alarm systems. We service the entire Melbourne metropolitan area and as well as being a Bosch partner, we are qualified and trained in Tecom and Inner Range products and of course hold security licenses. We can provide self-monitoring options to your mobile device or control room monitoring at competitive rates. Contact us for more information on your alarm requirements.

  • Melbourne Metro Coverage

  • Licenced and insured

  • Honest advice and service

  • Tailored systems to meet your requirements

  • Self monitoring or Control Room Monitoring

  • A range of systems available

New Alarms

Below you will find a range of options for home and commercial alarms. Pricing varies on installation requirements and we quote each job accordingly to ensure you are getting best value for money. We don't provide fixed price installations as we take pride in our work and carefully quote for each customer. Feel free to contact us for more information, no hard sell, just helpful, friendly advice. Rest assured, we provide excellent after sales service, honest and reliable advice and want to find the best fit for your situation. That's why we are different to the sausage factory alarm installers! Contact us today for more info.




Inception is a brilliant, simple to use but fully featured security system. Made by Inner Range, it features alarm as well as access control functionality. Therefore it can be used for both arming your premises and providing card or fob entry to doors. Key benefits to customers are the web based interface which allows simple access to the system from anywhere in the world. This enables functions such as remote arming / disarming, push notifications to your phone, user management and reports.

Download the brochure here

Bosch Solution 6000 




The Bosch Solution 6000 is perfect for home and small commercial customers. Incorporating up to 144 zones, an easy to understand graphic keypad, optional access control readers and GSM / SMS dial out, it is an exceptionally reliable and simple to use system. You can self monitor or have it reporting to a monitoring centre. 

For the small additional cost, we recommend the Solution 6000 for most customers, including domestic applications due to its simplicity, powerful features and exceptional reliability and reputation. 


Solution 6000 features include:

  • iFob App Control

  • 16 access doors or LAN readers

  • Up to 144 zones & 256 users

  • Full text menu display for programming & user control

  • Proximity, biometric and external readers, with external keypad options

  • SMS over Bosch GSM & SMS panel control ie. arm, disarm

  • Up to 37 outputs available with one on-board dedicated relay programmed for roller doors

  • Optional Ethernet interface for reporting over the Internet or app control

Monitoring Options

You can elect to self-monitor to your mobile via a BYO Sim Card using a 4G compatible module that connects to your alarm panel or have your alarm panel dial out to a monitoring centre. Things to consider are:

  • What will you do if you receive a burglary event on your phone? Are you able to safely action the event?

  • Is your mobile device always on, charged and available to notify you?

  • BYO Sim card options are cheap, but do not have the backup and support of a monitoring centre or patrol

  • Monitoring centre plans offered by Ontec are pre-charged in 13 week cycles and include all dial out costs

  • We do not lock customers in to long term contracts

  • Monitoring plans have the option of requesting the control room to send a patrol (at an additional cost)

Monitoring costs (subject to change) start from $1 per day for 24/7 control room monitoring and unlimited dial outs, pre-charged in 13 week cycles. (pricing and plans subject to change without notice - contact us for more information)

Think about what's right for you and feel free to discuss it with us. We don't do the hard sell! 

Commercial Alarms




We routinely install integrated Access Control and Intrusion (Alarm) Systems for larger commercial premises. These integrated systems offer the ability to combine access control and alarm in one panel. For applications requiring alarm only or up to 16 doors, the Soltuion 6000 (see above) is ideal. For applications requiring user management onsite coupled with access control, we offer the following options:

  • Tecom Challenger V10 (we also support V8)

  • Inner Range Inception (simple, web based user interface for management of events and users)

  • Inner Range Integriti (higher end with ability to integrate into intercoms, etc)

For more information on these solutions, please contact us and also see our Access Control page under "Services". We support Protege SE, Inner Range Integriti, Inception and Bosch Access Professional Edition.

Servicing and Troubleshooting





Common problems we encounter include:

  • Backup battery failure or low voltage

  • Faulty tamper switch on external siren boxes

  • Malfunctioning external siren

  • Faulty remotes or requirements for replacement remotes

  • False alarms due to incorrectly positioned detectors or faulty detectors

  • Faulty door reed or roller door reed switches

  • Inherited systems without user or master codes

Ontec technicians are happy to assist with these or any other faults. Our specialty is in Bosch alarm systems of any age including Bosch Solution 880, Solution 844, Ultima, Solution 16, Solution 16 Plus, Solution 64, Solution 2000, Solution 3000 and Solution 6000.

When booking a service call, please provide as much information as you can about the panel including any model numbers on the panel and describe the fault. We can then book in your service call and a friendly, helpful technician will attend to assist you with your problem. Call 1300 066 832

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