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Data, Fibre & Telecommunications

Structured cabling solutions, fibre networks and NBN customer cabling

Data, Fibre & Telecommunications


With years of commercial experience in Data, Optical Fibre and telecommunications cabling, we can assist you with any data requirement. Frequently contracting to IT companies and direct to the commercial sector, we can provide any of your network cabling requirements. As a Ubiquity reseller, we can also offer engineered wireless solutions.


Data Cabling

Ontec offer Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 Cabling from a variety of cable vendors, Data audits and testing as well as rack upgrades, large scale re-patching and modernization projects. Ontec also offers traditional service and fault finding, new installations and retrofits


Ontec provide NBN jumpering and customer side connection services to connect customer equipment to the building's MDF or incoming fibre connection.

Optical Fibre

Ontec have in-house fibre splicing expertise and equipment and can provide a full installation service for singlemode or multimode fibre. 

Wireless Networks

Ontec can design and install your wireless network. We are a Ubiquiti reseller and also provide support to IT departments in deployment of their own technologies.

Project in focus - ARB Corporation - Fibre Backbone Upgrade

ARB are a proud, Australian owned manufacturer of four wheel drive accessories. Ontec Solutions have a long lasting partnership as a communications and security systems provider to ARB.


We recently undertook the major task of upgrading ARB's fibre backbone across their entire Administration, Engineering and Manufacturing site. These works were carefully planned and staged to ensure no lost productivity or disruption to operations. 

ARB now has a new fibre backbone that supports their ever growing needs as we move together with them to support them in the next stage of their redevelopment.

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