Licensed, trained and qualified security installation professionals, Ontec Solutions can provide you with advice, design, installation or maintenance on domestic or commercial CCTV systems. We service and install High Definition Analogue (AHD, CVI and TVI) and IP systems.

Servicing and Troubleshooting

We are experts in troubleshooting CCTV faults as well as providing upgrades or new installations. 

Common problems we encounter include:

  • Blurred or poor image

  • Dead power supplies

  • Malfunctioning recorders

  • IR reflection at night time causing white spots

  • Vandalised cameras

Ontec technicians are happy to assist with these or any other faults. We can provide a scheduled maintenance and cleaning service of cameras or ad-hoc service call attendance as required.

New CCTV Systems

Looking for a new CCTV system, look no further. With countless numbers of installations, we are your perfect installation partner. With access to wholesale pricing on a large range of cutting edge CCTV products, we can supply and install the perfect system for you. ​

Ontec installs large scale CCTV systems for government, retail, RSL clubs and hospitality as well as smaller systems for domestic applications.

Our offerings include:

  • Analogue High Definition (AHD, CVI or TVI) using existing coaxial cable

  • IP Camera Systems

  • Stand alone recorders

  • Network Attached Storage devices

  • Remote connectivity to recorders via mobile devices

  • Integration into alarm systems for alarm input recording

  • Vandal proof enclosures and cameras

Brands include:

  • Bosch

  • Hikvision

  • Dahua

  • Samsung

  • Axis

All of our products are sourced through authorised wholesale channel partners and are not grey imports. We provide full manufacturer's warranty on all CCTV products and take the time to explain the system and set it up on your mobile device.

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